Another rejection, another agent?

I suspect that these posts are going to be rather boring for a while. The agent I tried most recently wasn’t prepared to take me on. She did send me a nice rejection slip and I have to wonder if it’s legit to thank her for her kind encouragement or not.

But, as I’m not planning on giving up any time soon, I’ve sent a query email off to the next potential agent. Her turnaround is faster so I may be headed off to the more traditional post office next week. I find myself with mixed feelings about the email query. Somehow it feels more real to send an envelope off in the mail. Yet at the same time, it’s true that a more paperless workplace is very useful.

Oh, and I begin to grow very nervous. Ellery Queen still hasn’t responded to me about the short story I sent. Does this mean they’re really thinking about it or that it simply didn’t arrive. I regret now not having put a delivery confirmation on it. Ah well. I suppose I’d best give them a bit more time.

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