Still here, despite myself….

Rather than make this blog be a continuing saga of rejection slips (which are inevitable at this point) I’m just going to babble about writing here;

One of my writer friends was discussing the fact that her dreams tend to have a narrative flow, starring characters other than herself and was wondering if this was endemic among writers only or if folk who didn’t write did that too.

I haven’t got an answer to that because I’m firmly in the narrative flow camp when it comes to my dreams. My most recent work was born of a dream – an insane mechanical island was attacking other islands and sending mecha down to kill everyone on board.

Now the fact that I’m a bit of an anime fan probably has a lot to do with the texture of that dream but somehow the concept of a sentient island stuck with me, to the point that I started playing with the idea, contemplating what life might be like on such an island and what kind of people the islands themselves would be.

So now I have a full length book sitting on my hard drive, with a human colony on a watery world where survival depends on the sanity of the AI’lands that support them.

Now to find a publisher.

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