Two more stories submitted

I mentioned earlier that I might try a rewrite of my Ancient Chinese Detective short: that’s what I ended up doing. I also  wrote a short story associated with my AI’lands novel. So – one story to Ellery Queen, one to Fantasy & Science Fiction.

As always, wish ’em luck.

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Adding to the collection

Published works: Zero

Rejection notices: 1


Also, I apparently cannot reply to comments and I haven’t got it set up to notify me of them. So I obviously need to start checking. *sigh*

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First submission

I sent my first submission off to Fantasy and Science Fiction today. I decided to aim high from the start and work my way down, so we’ll see what that leads me to. This one is a ghost story, but not (I think) properly horror. That might end up killing it for some, but I can’t stand modern horror.

I need to start working on another short story. Maybe I’ll work on that Chinese Mystery series I was wanting to do. The first time I sent that one out it failed but I didn’t work as hard on it as I ought to have.

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Lack of Leet Latin Skills

I knew when I chose the domain name that I was probably mangling Latin and, indeed, I have. Apparently if I wanted the sub-line to be correct it ought to be Sum Ergo Scribo, as scriptum apparently means a written work in progress.

However, not being inclined to try and figure out how to fix it and with the recognition that – gee, yeah – I am a work in progress, so it shall remain.

So, be warned, captious critics. I know it’s wrong. It still works.

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Throwing my hat in the ring…

It’s possible that this is an act of hubris. Perhaps even an ill-fated one. But this is part of my first baby steps into the world of published writing.

I intend to use this blog to talk about my efforts as a writer and – hopefully, one day – discuss my work. I don’t know how  long it’s going to take, but I hope those of you reading this will wish me well.

Barbara Doran

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