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air-143small1930s Shanghai was a place of excitement and intrigue… and magic. It is an international hotspot where foreign agents from around the world ply their trade. Brought to Shanghai to investigate a powerful new aircraft engine, young Conall McLeod becomes embroiled in a high-stakes game between gangs, spies and immortal beings. Together with his beloved Mudan Chang and hot-shot Chinese pilot, Feng Zhanchi, Conall must navigate the dangerous waters of the city’s criminal undercurrents and help free a lost immortal from the clutches of evil.




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The CreAir-128w of the Blue Numph They are the most daring, courageous, fool-hardy seagoing crew ever assembled. Foremost among them are Henri Delacrois, the French archer, Ralf Gunarson, the blonde Viking giant, Tishimi Osara the lovely female samurai, and Omar the irascible first mate. These are the colorful adventurers of the magnificent Blue Nymph. All pledged to follow their captain, the most famous sailor of all time, Sinbad El Ari. Now they return in four brand new fantasy tales by Barbara Doran, Ron Fortier, Lee Houston Jr. and Percival Constantine. Set against the backdrop of far-off exotic lands filled with magic and mystery here are epic tales worthy of this legendary hero, Sinbad the Sailor!




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Air-112When a mysterious evil force known only as the Voice begins to take control of the local mobs in the coast city of Strikersport, two new heroes appear on the scene. Their origins, the neighborhood streets of Chinatown. The masked Tiger and Dragon wield both science and magic in their battle to combat the forces of darkness. Soon several of the city’s prominent citizens become players in this cataclysmic war. These include a wealthy family with roots to Strikersport history, a rookie cop and a crusading newspaper editor.