2015-05-03 13.38.33I am a writer of SF, Fantasy and Mystery.My first published work is a pulp titled, “Claws of the Golden Dragon” with Airship 27.

I’m a military brat who has spent much of her life moving from base to base. Thanks to my father, I was infected with a love of reading from an early age. It was he who introduced me to S.J. Perelman and P.G. Wodehouse, as well as Heinlein and Asimov. I take full blame for my adoration of Fantasy, however.

Reading, for some, inevitably leads to writing. In my case I started that early as well and blush to remember some of the horrors I inflicted on those poor defenseless pieces of paper. There’ve been many of them and more each year. I like to think they’ve improved since then.

I’ve been writing mainstream Fantasy for the most part, but pulp titles like “The Shadow” and “Doc Savage” were among my early influences. I’ve also come to adore “The Green Hornet” TV series, in part because of Bruce Lee and in part because it was ahead of its time when it came to how it treated minorities.

I’ve two sons, both teenagers, a husband and a dog. There’s also a cat who thinks I belong to her, but I’m still arguing that point. My age is old enough and continues to increase daily.

When I’m not chasing the teenagers, husband or dog about on their appointed rounds, I’m generally writing. I can be reached for comment at BarbaraDoran@sumergoscriptum.com.